The best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve


In southern Portugal, the Algarve is a very popular beach and golf destination, but there is so much more to enjoy than just sun, sea, sand and hitting a golf ball. In fact, the best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve is an endless list to keep even the most adventurous travellers occupied and having fun. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the Algarve has many places to explore and discover, making it a huge attraction to millions of holiday makers each year.

Here are a few of the best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve that will give you a great choice when thinking of what to do on your next visit!

Benagil Caves

These caves have become a very famous tourist attraction over the years, making it to the top attraction list in internet searches worldwide. The caves are situated along the coast of southern central Algarve, between the popular tourist destinations of Praia do Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra. The various shades of coloured rock patterns lead up to the iconic “hole in the top of the cave” making it one of the most photographed cave attraction throughout Portugal. You can reach the cave by various different ways. This includes boat, kayak or canoe. If you’re brave enough, you could also swim to the cave, but this is not advisable as the currents of the waves are quite unpredictable.

The best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve

The Percuso dos Sete Valleys Suspensos (Seven Hanging Valleys Hiking Route)

This is one of the most scenic hiking routes of the Algarve. The hiking trail stretches over 11.5km from the east Praia da Marinha to the west Vale de Centianes in Carvoeiro. Along the hiking trail you will find high cliffs made from limestone, tucked away cove beaches and blue panoramic sea views. You will come across many outstanding features such as the Benagil Caves, the double sea arch at Praia da Marinha as well as all the natural fauna along the route including Juniper thickets. The views along this route are simply breathtaking and will appeal to even those less adventurous holiday makers who are just looking for something different to do. This is a great option for attractions and things to do in the Algarve.

Buggy Safari Algarve

Buggy Safari Algarve in Loulé was the first of its kind in the country. The buggy tours on offer are a wonderful adventure. The tour takes you into the heart of the Algarve countryside in a two-seater buggy where you can experience a thrill seeking adventure. You will be surrounded by pure Algarvian beauty, exploring the most exquisite and hidden places the Algarve offers. The tour is between 2 and a half hours to 3 hours long.

The best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve

Cycling routes in the Algarve

For those avid cyclists or anyone just wanting to see the Algarve by bike, there are some amazing routes. These will either energise you or wear you out! Cycling is a very popular form of exercise in the Algarve and you will see many keen cyclists in their gear out on the roads. The Algarve are making many more off-road, scenic routes by building riding/walking bridge ways around most coastal sections (eg. Quinta do Lago). This is to attract more riders to use them and give them a more interesting route to take.

It’s interesting to note that in Lagos they have the first Cyclin’Portugal Centre approved in the Algarve. This will attract new tourism to promote the use of bicycles. ‎The start of this project will be about 10kms from Lagos. Another up and coming project is set for Loulé. There will be 20 cycling paths linking Loulé, Alte and Ameixial introducing over 900kms of trails to explore.

The best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve

Desert Pines Footgolf

Fancy kicking a ball into a hole instead of hitting it like in golf? Come and show-off your football skills at the Algarve’s first dedicated footgolf course at the Algarve Tennis and Fitness Club (ATF). Just like on a golf course, you have a choice of playing either 9 or 18 holes. It’s a great laugh for the entire family, ranging from toddler age to adults. Footgolf takes less time than normal golf, so you can fit a few other activities into the day too.

The best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve

Go karting & racing experiences

If you’re looking for a more adrenaline jerking experience, then these are the activities for you. The first is a go-karting experience on a real racetrack where you can turn on the engine and let your adrenaline guide you. It can be done in teams or you can race as an individual. The second is a car racing experience which is not for the fainted hearted. This is offered at Autodromo do Algarve in Portimão and is for genuine sports cars enthusiasts. You can experience driving 3 sports cars (Honda Civic Type R, the Porsche Cayman 718S and the AMG GT C) for two laps around the international driving track.


If you like being out in the water, then this activity will definitely cool you off. Flyboarding combines wakeboarding, surfing, kitesurfing and jet-skiing for an amazing experience that will leave you literally flying above water! You will get to grips fast with the controls and fly as high as 10m above the water. You will even perform a few tricks in the air if you’re brave enough. Flyboarding is a great experience that is suitable for all ages and abilities.


In order to see the true beauty of the Algarve from above, this is the experience for you. Paragliding flights usually last between 15 minutes to half an hour. You can relax as you prepare for your paraglide as you will be given all the correct equipment and have an instructor with you at all times. This activity takes place at Falésia beach in Albufeira, but there are also options available from Loule.


Whilst this is not an exhausted list of the best top-rated attractions & things to do in the Algarve, it definitely is a great starting point! These activities and attractions will keep you entertained and leave you wanting to come back for more.

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