Monchique – BEST things to do & guide to Monchique, Portugal


Looking for the best things to do & guide to Monchique, Portugal? Look no further. The Algarve is not just about mile long beaches and world class golf courses, it offers some stunning views too! If you’re into more outdoor adventures and aren’t afraid of heights, then Monchique is a great place to visit. Monchique is popular for its thermal springs with healing waters and has a number of natural spas to experience some therapeutic treatments.

This list will guide you on what to see, where to visit and where to eat whilst exploring the Monchique mountains.

Hiking in Monchique

Hiking around Monchique is probably the best way to take in the beautiful views. There are a number of routes to hike whilst visiting the Serra de Monchique mountain range, a popular one being from Monchique to Foia (the highest point in the Algarve). If you’re after a short hike, then this one won’t be for you! The hike is roughly around 12km (6km each way) in total, and takes about 6 hours. You will experience the Algarvian vegetation along this route as it is dominated by dense Cistus [rockrose] bushes, gorse, junipers and Pontian rhododendron (this is indigenous to the Serra de Monchique.)

Another popular hiking trail is to Cascata do Barbelote (Barbelote waterfall) which is 3.7km long and takes roughly 1hr 20 mins. This is a moderate hiking trail which passes through narrow natural paths, abandoned ruins and dense thorny bushes. All the effort is worth it because at the end of the hike you will be welcomed by a beautiful waterfall.

These two trails are just a taster of what’s on offer whilst hiking in Monchique. For a more extensive list you can download the All Trails app which will guide you to the best spots!

Healing Thermal Spa

Who doesn’t like to kick back and relax at a spa? In Monchique you can experience the best healing, spring thermal waters that the Algarve has to offer. Known for treating aching muscles and joints and respiratory disorders, this will be a welcomed visit to all sufferers. The Caldas de Monchique is the only spa in the Algarve that has waters rich in fluoride and bicarbonate resulting in its healing properties. Also used for beauty treatments, these healing waters have superb powers of hydration. Another big attraction is the wooded park that rises up the along the hillside. The greenery together with the gentle flowing river and fresh mountain air attract many visitors throughout the year.

Restaurants with a view

If you’re looking forward to sipping on some tasty Algarvian wine accompanied by a traditional Portuguese dish with a stunning view, then Monchique is the place to go! You are spoilt for choice with the variety of restaurants with views overlooking the breathtaking valleys that lay below. Although there are a lot to choose from, one highly recommended restaurant with a view is Restaurante O Luar da Foia. It has a stunning ocean view over the hills of Monchique. The food is locally sourced that is grilled to perfection creating a scrumptious smoky flavour to fish and meat dishes.

Moinho de agua do Poucochinho (Poucochinho Water Mill)

This traditional water mill is the only working one in the Monchique district. Tucked away in between the mountains is this little treasure which was fully restored in 2004. The mini waterfall found here flows around moss covered rocks creating a tranquil environment to enjoy a family picnic whilst listening to the calming, flowing water. This is a perfect location to stop over and enjoy the peaceful surrounding of the Monchique mountains.

Monchique - BEST things to do & guide to Monchique, Portugal
Waterfall at Moinho de agua do Poucochinho

Best viewing points in Monchique

Foia is the highest point of the Algarve standing at 902m high. It is part of the Serra de Monchique mountain range and has some incredible views of the Algarve coastline. The Atlantic Ocean may also be visible on a clear day as well as Lagos and Portimao which both lie to the south. Picota is the second highest viewing point in Monchique and is 750m high. This viewing point is peaceful and quiet and the coastline can be spotted all around. You are able to drive up this mountain peak walking the last 50 minutes. This is a bit of an uphill trek to the peak, but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views when you get there.


In conclusion, this list of the best things to do & guide to Monchique, Portugal is definitely not an exhausted one! There are so many amazing things to do and places to visit in Monchique. This entices visitors to keep returning to this popular destination in order to explore them all.

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