Awesome guided wine tasting tours in the Algarve Portugal


The Algarve has a lot more to offer than just sea and miles of breath-taking golden beaches. The rolling mountainous peaks and gorgeous landscapes will make you fall in love with the beautiful region. There’s no mystery why the Algarve is home to a number of vineyards and wine producers as it thrives in a rain-free environment and extremely fertile soil. If you’re after good wine, awesome guided wine tasting tours in the Algarve Portugal attracts many visitors who want to experience the various tastes and aromas of wines in this region.

This article suggests some awesome wine tasting tours in the Algarve Portugal whilst having immersions of its traditions and cultures.

Adega do Cantor – Albufeira

Known as “The Winery of the Singer”, (owned by Sir Cliff Richards), this winery comes together with grapes from three farms. These are Quinta do Moinho, Quinta do Miradouro and Vale do Sobreiro. With views of the surrounding vineyards and beautiful coastline, Adega do Cantor is at the top of the Quinta do Miradouro. As well as producing both Vida Nova & Onda Nova wines, there are also cellar, vineyard and wine tasting tours.

Quinta da Tôr

In 2011, Quinta da Tôr there was a renovation done by the new owner, there was a revival of the vineyard and a new cellar was built. This resulted in continuous successful years of wine production. The vineyard sits on 47 hectares of land, offers 7 different grape types resulting in 100,000 bottles of production annually. The reason for the high production of these magnificent tasting wines has a lot to do with the climate as the low winter and high summer temperatures allow the grapes to mature well.

Awesome guided wine tasting tours in the Algarve Portugal

Cabrita Wines – Quinta da Vinha

In this vineyard there are exclusively Portuguese grapes and this results in the distinct flavour and aroma of the famous Cabrita wines. The vineyard stretches over 6.6 hectares planted on Argile-Limestone soil. This composes of five grape varieties namely Touriga Nacional, Aragonês, Trincadeira, Arinto and Verdelho. The speciality wine has been a family production for a long time dating back to 1977. At Carbrita Wines when you book a tour, a lot can be learnt about the entire production process.

Monte da Casteleja

This is a very unique vineyard as it specialises in producing the finest organic wines. Organic products are very popular nowadays and has opened the way for organic wines too. Organic farming ensures the preservation of the environment as well as the biodiversity and the future of our planet. At the vineyard, as well as guided tours,they also offer accommodation where you will not be disturbed. You will be able to enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings whilst enjoying the breathtaking views all around.

Awesome guided wine tasting tours in the Algarve Portugal

Quinta de Mata-Mouros

This vineyard is located on the bank of the River Arade, in southern Portugal in Silves. In the 12th century, the Convento de Nossa Senhora do Paraíso was built on site of the vineyard, which was present until the 19th century. The main structure is in preservation to this day. On the 12 hectare vineyard, dedicated and experienced winemaking teams produce superior quality wines. These are: Euphoria Tinto, Euphoria Rosé, Euphoria Branco, Convento do Paraíso Tinto and Imprevisto Tinto. If you’re after a wine tour with some history, Quinta de Mata-Mouros is where you’ll want to visit.

Awesome guided wine tasting tours in the Algarve Portugal


In summary, due to the abundance of wineries and vineyards in the Algarve, you will have a very enjoyable experience. With breathtaking views of vineyards and expert wine tours, awesome wine tasting tours in the Algarve Portugal is highly recommended!

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