5 Exciting Things to do in Silves – Portugal

5 Exciting Things to do in Silves - Portugal

This is just a list of 5 exciting things to do in Silves – Portugal. Silves is a beautiful historic town in the Algarve region of Portugal. It is a great place to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Portugal. It has a rich history as it was once an important Muslim city with its own language and culture.

Here are the top 5 Exciting Things to do in Silves – Portugal.

Feira Medieval de Silves (Medieval Festival)

Silves is popular all over the world for its Medieval Festival. It is an annual event taking place in the Algarve every August in the city of Silves and is an event that the entire family participates in.

The event includes jousting, a medieval market, live music, theatre performances, costumed characters and food. Many people visit this festival every year to experience its magic and also because they can get a glimpse of what life was like in medieval times.

There is a variety of food options available at the festival. You will have options such as hog roasts, sangria and beer served in terracotta mugs which you pay for initially or can return them for a refund.

Quinta do Frances Winery

The Algarve is the perfect climate for wine making and has plenty of great tasting wines to prove it. Quinta do Frances is one of many vineyards in the Algarve. It is a family run winery in Silves, Algarve boasting 9 hectares of vineyard. In order for wine to be produced, the grapes need to grow in the best types of soil such as clay, limestone and sandstone.

At Quinta do Frances they offer wine tours which include a guided tour of the winery and cellar, a tasting session and a look into the wine shop right at the end of the tour. If you’re not up for a guided tour, they offer just a tasting session which is done in a great environment surrounded by wines they produce and barrels that the wines are stored in.

Sad that you can’t take wine home with you? Well don’t be! You can bulk order wines for delivery straight to your door. This service is for anyone wishing to buy after their visit to Quinta do Frances.

Castelo de Silves

Castelo de Silves stands on a hilltop overlooking the Algarve region. This castle was built in the 13th century as a defence against invaders from North Africa.

This castle is a fortress of sorts, with high walls and towers that are still mostly intact. There are also some other smaller buildings, like a chapel, old bath house, barracks, kitchens and two dungeons. The castle offers visitors an interesting insight into what life would have been like back then.

Cathedrale de Silves (Silves Cathedral)

During the Moorish rule in Silves, a mosque was originally located in its current place, and was later mostly restructured and converted into a Catholic cathedral in the 12th century. The cathedral’s main façade faces a town square – Praça da República. The equestrian statue of Nuno Alvares Pereira is near this location.

The cathedral is an example of a transitional Romanesque-Gothic style which utilized both the features from Roman and Byzantine architecture (pointed arches) as well as early Gothic features such as pointed windows, rib vaults and flying buttresses.

This cathedral is a major tourist attraction for Silves. It is also one of the most distinctive landmarks in Portugal.

5 Exciting Things to do in Silves - Portugal
Cathedral in Silves

Silves Golf

If you’ve ever been to the Algarve you will know that it has many mile long beaches and stunning golf courses. Some of the world’s top golfers have competed on courses throughout the Algarve. If you plan on visiting Silves, you will not have a problem arranging a round of golf at one of the Pestana Group’s golf resorts called Silves Golf. Located just outside of Silves, this golf course is a challenge to even the most skilful golfers. Silves Golf boasts a stunning 18-hole course alongside the Algarve’s finest deluxe resort. Surrounding this course are numerous citrus farms giving a very aromatic smell to the air around the course.

Silves Golf has hosted many notable tournaments over the years including the Portuguese Open on multiple occasions. They even hosted a regional qualifying tournament for The Open Championship. They have also hosted other events like regional championships, corporate tournaments, and private tournaments.

5 Exciting Things to do in Silves - Portugal
Golfing in Silves


There are many other things to do in the beautiful city of Silves, Algarve. This is a list of just a list of 5 exciting things do do in Silves – Portugal. The scenery and activities definitely keep tourists coming back for more each year.

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